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Welcome to IEEE Malaysia Sensors and Nanotechnology Joint Councils Chapter. This joint chapter was established in 2017. Its role is to provide mechanisms for two or more IEEE Societies to work together in a multi-disciplinary technical area of mutual interest, primarily through seminars, conferences, and publications.


Latest News

ISICS Series-14 by Prof. Rory Cooper

International STEM & Innovation Colloquia Series-14 (ISICS Series-14) "Forging a New Future Participatory Action Design & Engineering Technologies with People...

ISICS Series-13 by Ms. Alicia Dwyer Cianciolo (Artemis Human Landing System (HLS), NASA)

International STEM & Innovation Colloquia Series-13 (ISICS Series-13) "Journey to the Moon with Artemis" Speaker: Alicia Dwyer CiancioloArtemis Human Landing...

International Symposium Emerging Trends in Semiconductor Technology (MiCSETS 2023)

COE Micro System Technology (MiCTEC) is proud to host this symposium in partnership with the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Institute...